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Can I DIY My Resin Driveway?

Mastering Resin Driveway Application: A Comprehensive Guide

An ageing, cracked driveway isn't merely an aesthetic concern; it's a safety hazard. As vehicles grapple with the uneven terrain, the risk of accidents escalates. If your driveway is revealing its age, it's time for a revamp. The resin bound driveway emerges as a frontrunner - stylish, economical, and requiring minimal upkeep. But is this a DIY project or one best left to the experts? Dive into our detailed guide to understand the nuances of resin driveways.

A photo taken onsite in Essex, England of our Approved Contractors from Perfect Artificial Lawns. The photo shows the team of 2 resin bound surfacing experts smoothing the surface with trowels.
Resin Driveway Installation by our Approved Expert Contractors

The Allure of Resin Bound Driveways

In the vast landscape of paving options, from traditional asphalt to rustic gravel, resin bound driveways shine for a multitude of reasons:

  • Customisation: With a spectrum of colours at your disposal, resin allows homeowners to craft a driveway that mirrors their style.

  • Durability: Beyond their longevity, these driveways are UV-resistant, ensuring they stand resilient against the fiercest of sun rays.

  • Efficient Drainage: A well-installed resin driveway promises superior drainage, minimising water-related wear and tear.

  • Overlaying Advantages: Resin's ability to seamlessly overlay existing driveways translates to significant time and cost savings. Moreover, the entire transformation can be achieved in just a day/week.

  • Maintenance Simplicity: A periodic pressure wash is all it takes to maintain its pristine appearance and keep weeds at bay.

Deciphering the Costs

Before embarking on any home renovation, understanding the financial implications is paramount. For resin driveways, while costs can fluctuate, they typically align within specific brackets:

  • Installation: Costs generally span from £6.52 to £9.02 per square meter, influenced by factors like driveway dimensions, its current state, chosen finishes, and regional variations.

  • Labour: On average, a professional would require about 15 hours, translating to labour expenses between £793.42 and £961.41.

  • Materials: For a standard-sized driveway (320 square meters), anticipate material costs in the ballpark of £24.45 to £28.39.

  • Add-On Services: Services like slab excavation can increment the overall expenditure.

Installation Demystified

Installing a resin driveway is a meticulous endeavour. Here's a stepwise breakdown:

  1. Preparation: Initiate by preparing the existing surface. If the base is suitable, fortify the edges using robust materials.

  2. Material Procurement: Source pivotal materials, including resin and gravel. A comprehensive resin driveway kit can be a game-changer, bundling all essentials.

  3. Tooling Up: Vital tools encompass a forced action mixer (with a minimum 120-litre capacity), a suitable paddle, drill, float, bucket, cleaner, and wheelbarrow.

  4. Mixing: Organise and methodically blend your materials using the mixer.

  5. Application: This pivotal phase involves evenly distributing the mix over the surface. Missteps can lead to complications like cracking.

  6. Setting: A 4-hour window is essential for the surface to dry for pedestrian use, and 48 hours before it's vehicular-ready.

DIY or Expert Installation?

The allure of DIY, especially the potential savings, is undeniable. However, resin driveways demand a certain finesse. A botched installation can spiral into myriad problems, from aesthetic flaws to safety concerns. If you're not armed with the requisite expertise or resources, it's prudent to engage a professional.

The Verdict: Trust the Experts

A resin bound driveway is more than a functional overlay; it's an aesthetic masterpiece that promises durability and ease of maintenance. While the DIY route might seem tempting, the intricacies involved can lead to costly errors. As specialists in resin bound surfacing, we've witnessed first-hand the pitfalls homeowners can encounter when venturing solo. Mistakes not only compromise the driveway's integrity but can also inflate costs, turning a seemingly economical DIY project into a financial burden. Our strong recommendation? Seek professional advice and application. With expert guidance, you're not just investing in a driveway but ensuring peace of mind.

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