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Our Selection of Resin Driveway Colours

Welcome to a world where creativity knows no bounds – a realm of enchanting possibilities embodied by our exquisite range of resin driveway colours at RonaDeck. Each blend isn't just a colour; it's an emotion, a narrative waiting to be woven into the fabric of your outdoor haven. As you embark on the journey of crafting your dream space, let us guide you through our vibrant spectrum, each shade thoughtfully curated to elevate your surroundings.

Atlantic Silver

Imagine a serene moonlit seascape, translated into a subtle, sophisticated silver tone. This shade harmonises seamlessly with modern architectural marvels, enhancing the sleek lines of contemporary homes. Its cool allure lends a timeless elegance, creating a mesmerising contrast against vibrant garden greens.

Silver Resin Driveway
Resin driveway in Atlantic Silver

Autumn Forest

Welcome the rich tapestry of autumnal hues into your domain. An ensemble of deep wood tones and rustic browns, Autumn Forest whispers of crackling leaves and snug evenings by the fireplace. It finds its perfect match in homes adorned with wooden accents, brick textures, and earthy elements.

RonaDeck Resin Driveway
Resin driveway in Autumn Forest

Aztec Gold

Step into opulence with Aztec Gold, a lustrous blend of gold with delicate specks of brown. This blend transforms your patio into an opulent sanctuary, a canvas of grandeur. It's a regal choice for homes that boast ornate detailing, encompassing their facade with a golden aura.

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl, an enchanting combination of silver and black, resonates with homes embracing the minimalist ethos. It lends an air of mystery and elegance, a silent observer of the urban landscape. Its monochrome allure is an ode to sleek, contemporary design.


Picture a morning cup of espresso, warm and inviting. This blend is a fusion of brown, yellow, and black, evoking a cosy atmosphere. It's an ideal companion for homes with a textured brick or stone exterior, creating a welcoming aura that envelops all who approach.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Espresso
Aggregate: Espresso


Graphite embodies modernity with its dance between black and grey, an artistic masterpiece on the canvas of your driveway. This shade thrives in a setting of clean lines and polished surfaces, harmonizing with homes that breathe minimalism and precision.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Graphite
Aggregate: Graphite

Harvest Crunch

A symphony of dark and light browns, Harvest Crunch is the embodiment of organic earthiness. Homes inspired by natural textures and earthen colours find a kinship with this blend. It's like a warm embrace from the land itself, an ode to authenticity.

Resin driveway
Resin driveway in Harvest Crunch


Imagine gazing at the swirling hues of Jupiter – a mix of light brown, yellow, and delicate red specks. This blend adds a touch of cosmic allure to your space, especially complementing homes adorned with warm, sun-kissed tones.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Jupiter
Aggregate: Jupiter

Maple Glow

Bask in the radiance of Maple Glow – a light brown ensemble with subtle hints of dark brown and golden undertones. This blend is a chameleon, adapting flawlessly to homes with varying textures – from stone to timber – emanating an inviting glow.

Resin patio
Resin patio in Maple Glow


Midnight encapsulates the mysteries of the night sky with its interplay of black and grey. It's a canvas of contrast, an elegant choice for homes that embody urban mystique. Dark and enigmatic, it beckons to those who appreciate the power of shadows.


Oyster mirrors the pale grey of the seashore, a gentle hue interwoven with delicate yellow specks. It's a tranquil companion for homes boasting lighter exteriors, infusing an air of serenity into their essence.

Resin pathway
Resin pathway in Oyster


Redwood is an ode to nature's vibrancy, a blend of black and brown base adorned with fiery red specks. It's a homage to homes featuring brick or stone accents, adding a burst of life to the exterior.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Redwood
Aggregate: Redwood


This blend mimics the peaceful serenade of a riverbed – a medley of brown with light undertones. It's a reflection of homes that resonate with the rhythms of nature, echoing the earthy vibes of their surroundings.

RonaDeck Riverbed Resin Driveway
Resin driveway in Riverbed

Rose Garden

A burst of creativity, Rose Garden is a captivating blend of black, red, brown, and white. It's the perfect accompaniment for homes with neutral tones, infusing a touch of whimsy and artistic flair.

RonaDeck Resin Driveway
Resin driveway in Rose Garden


Seashell epitomizes the soft tones of the ocean, a serene blend that harmonises with coastal homes. Its delicate hues evoke images of sandy beaches and tranquil waves, a gentle caress for your outdoor space.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Seashell
Aggregate: Seashell

Silver Blue

A symphony of silver and light blue, with dashes of black, Silver Blue embraces the cool tones of modern aesthetics. It's like a breath of fresh air for homes adorned with shades of blue and grey, offering a serene escape.

Resin driveway
Resin driveway in Silver Blue


Slate paints a picture of modernity with its blend of black, grey, and hints of open brown. It's an elegant choice for contemporary homes, a tribute to architectural finesse and understated sophistication.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Slate
Aggregate: Slate


Terragrey is a tapestry of red, white, and black, a harmonious blend that complements homes with warm and earthy exteriors. It's a celebration of natural beauty and the enchanting charm of the outdoors.


Like the heart-warming embrace of a walnut, this blend mirrors the rich warmth of the walnut tones. It's a companion to homes with organic textures, inviting residents and guests into a world of comfort and cosiness.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Walnut
Aggregate: Walnut


Envision the magic of a woodland setting – a blend of dark brown tones with hints of open brown, grey, and yellow. It's a harmonious echo of nature, a warm invitation to those seeking refuge in the arms of the outdoors.

RonaDeck Aggregate: Woodland
Aggregate: Woodland

Taking the First Step Towards Transformation

As you embark on this exciting journey to transform your outdoor space, why not take the first step by experiencing the enchantment of our resin bound aggregate blends first-hand? With our samples starting from just £1.99 each, you can explore the spectrum of colours from the comfort of your home. Let your creativity flow, envision the harmony of shades with your existing exteriors, and unveil a new world of possibilities. The canvas is yours – begin your masterpiece today!

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