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Why Resin Patios are the Eco-Friendly Choice

In the world of patio solutions, the rise of resin bound surfacing stands as a testament to an evolving environmental consciousness. As individuals increasingly seek sustainable choices, the adoption of resin bound patios becomes a logical and eco-conscious trend.

Resin Patio
Resin Patio in Maple Glow

What is Resin Bound Surfacing?

Resin bound surfacing embodies a revolutionary approach to patios, setting itself apart from conventional alternatives. By harmonizing natural aggregates with UV-resistant resin, this process crafts a surface that not only thrives in aesthetics but also champions eco-friendly principles.

Permeability: A Natural Solution

At the heart of resin bound surfacing lies its permeable nature, a unique attribute that aligns seamlessly with the environment. This permeability facilitates efficient water absorption, mitigating water runoff and the risk of flooding. The patio becomes a natural ally in combating the adverse effects of excessive rainfall.

Sustainable Materials

The materials that compose resin bound surfacing epitomise sustainability. This contrasts with alternatives like block paving that may incorporate resource-intensive materials.

Longevity and Durability

Inherent in the longevity of resin bound patios is a profound reduction in the frequency of replacements. This endurance not only showcases its practicality but also resonates deeply with sustainability ideals. The patio becomes an investment that endures, minimizing the carbon footprint associated with frequent replacements.

Low Maintenance, Less Chemical Use

The low maintenance demands of a resin bound patio align perfectly with eco-friendly living. A simple cleansing routine minimizes the need for harsh chemical cleaners, promoting a healthier living environment and contributing to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.

Comparing with Other Surfacing Options

When juxtaposed with conventional patio options like block paving and concrete, the ecological advantages of resin bound surfacing become unmistakable. It seamlessly integrates aesthetic aspirations with environmental responsibility, positioning itself as a compelling choice.

Installation: A Cleaner Process

The installation journey of a resin bound patio is a cleaner and more environmentally considerate process. Unlike other methods that can generate excess waste and disruption, resin bound surfacing minimizes environmental impact while achieving a flawless patio finish.

Recycled and Natural Aggregates

The versatility of resin bound surfacing extends to its material choices. The option to incorporate recycled and natural aggregates amplifies its eco-friendly essence. This choice is an affirmation of sustainable principles, embracing resources that find new life in the creation of captivating patios.

Making the Eco-Friendly Choice

As you stand on the precipice of selecting a patio solution, the eco-friendly merits of resin bound surfacing beckon with resonance. Beyond aesthetics, this choice radiates environmental stewardship. The invitation to consult with professional installers promises a path toward an ecologically sound and visually appealing patio.


In the symphony of patio selections, resin bound surfacing emerges as a harmony of aesthetics and environmental mindfulness. The resonance of its permeability, the wisdom of sustainable materials, and the legacy of longevity combine to craft an eco-friendly narrative. As you navigate patio solutions, remember that a resin bound patio embodies not just beauty, but a profound commitment to the planet. Delve into the realm of eco-friendly patios, and embark on a journey that transcends mere aesthetics, enriching your outdoor space while treading lightly on the earth.

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